Remote Support

Do you need IT Support at short-notice?  Are you too busy to meet with an IT specialist, Launch IT Scotland can arrange reIT Supportmote IT support with one of our professional consultants and we’ll meet your needs at a time that’s convenient to you.


IT Consultant

Free IT Consultancy

Our professional consultants are highly qualified with over 10 years’ experience in the IT industry, covering varying aspects of IT. We can arrange a free consultancy service, where our consultant can assess your existing IT systems and your future needs, with no obligation to buy from us. You’ll benefit from our experience and know that our friendly IT consultants will offer a service tailored to you.


IT Business contractsBusiness Contracts

At Launch IT Scotland, we offer IT support contracts to small – medium companies. We’ll tailor these services to meet your needs and ensure that your priorities are covered. This can include everything we offer or just the parts that are important to you. Call us on 0330 159 5291 to arrange a tailored quote.

PC emergency

Emergency Support

We’ve all been there… you’ve got a huge contract to fulfil or a project due to complete and that’s when you’re computer stops working or your internet crashes. We can offer emergency support to help you get through these tough times.



Backup solutions tailored to your needs

Backup solutions

Ever lost important data and had to go back to the beginning? At Launch IT Scotland we understand how frustrating this can be, which is why we can offer back-up solutions, to ensure that this doesn’t happen. We can offer a reliable back-up of anything from your individual files, your server or even your website.

(We can also help to retrieve information if you haven’t created a back-up. Contact Us here to request emergency support)



computer networkingSetting up a new business or growing an existing business? We can help with setting up your network, WiFi, PC’s/laptops or even  VOIP telephone systems.